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At Living Smart every person in every household has the ability to make simple, effective and lasting changes towards sustainable living.

To guide you through these changes, Living Smart provides comprehensive, relevant information and resources in a user friendly format.

The Living Smart Program: Homes, Solutions and Awards is a partnership of the Sunshine Coast Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Terms and Conditions

The Living Smart Homes Program aims to engage householders, through a recognition scheme, to make more sustainable lifestyle choices. Participants are invited to complete learning modules centered on the sustainable living themes of energy and water efficiency, waste reduction and sustainable transport, smart food choices and protecting biodiversity, with recurring themes on individual and community wellbeing.

’We’ refers to the administrators of the Living Smart Homes Program. ‘You’ or ‘registered user/s’ refers to a person accessing and registering to use the Living Smart Homes Program Website.
By registering you are bound by conditions and obligations outlined in this document.

All registered users must:

  • Ensure the information provided is current and accurate.
  • Be Sunshine Coast Regional Council or Moreton Bay Regional Council residents

Registered users must not use the Living Smart Homes Program to:
  • Promote any political, religious, racist or other antisocial viewpoints or behaviour.
  • Provide fraudulent or deceptive information.
  • Post information, which includes but is not limited to intimidating or harassing statements or such, which may lead to civil or criminal action.
  • Post information or multimedia files which are pornographic, obscene or indecent
  • Encourage acts, which constitute a criminal offense or civil liability.
  • Post information or material, which may contain viruses or other malicious programs and cause harm to user’s access and the general operation of the Living Smart Homes Program Website.