Living Smart Homes
  • Biodiversity
    Biodiversity Module
    Build a frog pond. Install a nest box.
  • Food
    Food Module
    Buy local, grow your own.
  • Energy
    Energy Module
    Switch to green, go solar.
  • Water
    Water Module
    Take shorter showers.
  • Transport
    Transport Module
    Ride your bike. Catch the bus.
  • Wellbeing
    Wellbeing Module
    Observe nature, keep learning.
  • Waste
    Waste Module
    Get wormfarming, recycle right.
  • Neighbourhood
    hood Module
    Get your neighbourhood Living Smart.
Welcome to Living Smart Homes

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little"

e. burke

Living Smart is a partnership program between the local governments of the Sunshine Coast Council and Moreton Bay and our local communities to bring about practical improvements in the sustainability of our regions. The program has three main elements Living Smart Homes, Living Smart Solutions and the Living Smart Awards or more affectionately known as ‘The Glossies’.

The program aims to engage with you and the rest of our community to achieve the goal of sustainability. Our pledge is to work with you to help you to reduce environmental impacts and improve wellbeing across all aspects of your lifestyle.

At Living Smart we believe every person in every household has the ability to make simple, effective and lasting changes towards sustainable living. These changes are supported through relevant, dynamic and credible information provided in a user-friendly format allowing the education and empowerment of ourselves, our family, our neighbours and our community.

Living Smart Homes has more than 500 households (and growing) that participate in an online program to reduce their energy, water, waste and transport.  The program is currently undergoing an extensive review and extension to include biodiversity, food and wellbeing modules.  We also have a new toolkit, to get green things happening at the street level!

Living Smart Solutions is a one-stop website of local environmentally friendly products and services.

If you are a eco product or service provider that is committed to providing Sunshine Coast residents with sustainability solutions, establish your business profile now and be an active member of our Living Smart Solutions directory.  Look out for opportunities to participate at a Living Smart Expo!
For more information about Living Smart Homes or Living Smart Solutions, visit
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