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Water Reuse & Recycling

Greywater is used water from the:

  • Shower
  • Bath or internal spa bath (not external spa baths or pools)
  • Wash basins and 
  • Laundry

It does not include wastewater from kitchens or toilets

The Department of Environment and Resource Management provides good detail on Greywater and its uses in the following factsheet:

With droughts and watering restrictions Greywater has become very popular as an alternative water source to keep your garden and lawn green, The Waterwise Gardening with Greywater booklet provides a wealth of advice and helpful tips on using greywater safely in the garden.

You will need to contact your council for approval to setup a diversion / storage system to use in your home for a more constant supply of greywater to the toilet or garden irrigation.  More sophisticated systems can treat greywater to a standard that supplies your washing machine and for other uses.

Moreton Bay Regional Council greywater information
Sunshine Coast Council greywater information

  • Protect your health by making sure your greywater system is setup and maintained properly.  
  • Get advice and help from a licensed plumber.
  • Do not water lettuce, herbs and other fruit and vegetables you eat raw using greywater as a precaution to keep you and your family healthy.

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