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Water Rating & Efficency Products

When buying new water-using products, or replacing an existing one look for water efficiency labels and star ratings to help select the best option for you.  The lower the number of litres or the more stars, the better.

By 2021, Australians could save more than one billion dollars through reduced water and energy bills by simply choosing more efficient products.

  • “A water-efficient washing machine may use only one-third the water of an inefficient model.
  • An old-style single-flush toilet could use up to 12 litres of water per flush, while a standard dual flush toilet uses just a quarter of this on a half-flush.
  • A standard showerhead may use up to 25 litres of water per minute whereas water-efficient showerhead might use as little as seven litres per minute, which is less than a third.”


It is important to note that whilst the rating and efficiency is important the way you use the product will ultimately determine overall efficiency outcomes, in example:

  • Wait for full loads for both washing machines and dishwashers
  • Select the economy cycle on your appliances
  • Take 4 minute or less showers
  • Only flush when necessary

Find out more Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) ratings and check out what ratings your home appliances are.

If ordering products over the phone remember to ask your service or product provider (why not check out a Living Smart Solutions business).

Ensure the next business you ask to come and wash the dog, clean the carpet or blast the outside of your house is a water efficient operator.

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