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Living Smart with Waste

Living Smart with Waste is one of the most important things we can do to reduce our environmental impact as a householders.

Did you know that the average household waste bin sends almost 5kg of food waste to landfill each week?

Households in Queensland are throwing away more waste than ever. From junk mail to toasters and even excess food, it’s all having an impact on our environment. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to reduce your waste at home. And ensure you place the correct items in the right bin.

The Living Smart Waste Resources focus on empowering households to follow the waste hierarchy and avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle, recover resources and dispose of residual waste the right way. This module challenges your household to change their behaviours by:

  • Buying products that have less packaging materials than their competitors
  • Refusing to buy products that have non-recyclable or excessive packaging eg polystyrene. 
  • Recycling our plasti, metal, glass, cardboard packaging  for household food  and beverage items, and paper items
  • Saying no to plastic shopping bags and taking reusable bags instead 
  • Purchasing products made from recycled content 
  • Opting for reusable products and services 
  • Placing a no junk mail sticker on your mailbox 
  • Starting a compost bin for food scraps and garden waste


Outcomes for your household in embracing sustainable waste habits may include:

  • Saving money on the purchase of unnecessary items
  • Saving money by buying second hand or preloved goods 
  • Saving money by wasting less food 
  • Making nutrient rich compost to put back into your garden.


Navigate your way around the waste space for practical information and participate in the corresponding activities (registered users only) to complete the waste module and you can be Waste Warriors in your own home.

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