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Living Smart with Transport

Living Smart with Transport is good for you as well as the environment. Did you know every litre of petrol saved cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 2.5 kgs?

Throughout the world, it is recognised that our reliance on cars, particularly for single person journeys, is unsustainable.

"Traffic congestion and delays, the extremely high cost of advanced road systems, air and noise pollution and our increasing dependence on non-renewable fuels are some of the more readily recognised issues that people are concerned with. In addition, studies are now showing that there are serious personal health and social consequences of high levels of car travel. There is further concern that Australians may be 'building in' car dependency into our children, making our problems much worse in the future" (TravelSmart Australia).

The Living Smart Transport module resources focus primarily on the positive promotion of alternatives to travelling by private cars; the module challenges members of your household to change their travel habits to:

  • Use alternative transport to the car, for example using walking, cycling and public transport.
  • Recognise the health benefits of incidental exercise such as walking or cycling.
  • Choose shops and facilities that are near you to reduce the need to travel and to support your local businesses.

Outcomes for your household in embracing sustainable travel habits may include:

  • Reduction of travel costs; fuel, fines, parking fees and vehicle wear and tear.
  • Improvement of health and wellbeing (physical and mental) ie reduce obesity, heart attack, diabetes
  • Reduce stress; road rage
  • Increased social interaction
  • Increased road safety – more awareness and respect of alternative transport users
  • Reduced pollution – noise and air, greenhouse gases, toxins in waterways, resource consumption
  • Reduced traffic congestion and associated lost productivity and time travelled

Navigate your way through the Transport space for practical information and participate in the corresponding activities (registered users only) to complete the Transport module and become a sustainable transport household!

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