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Living Smart with Food

Living Smart with Food means planning better and making good food choices. The benefits of making these choices will mean not only better environmental outcomes, but healthier and possibly tastier outcomes too.

At present the food system on the Sunshine Coast and in the Moreton Bay Region is not that different to other regions around Australia – relying heavily on food being shipped from interstate and imported from across the globe.

Food is responsible for over a third of our greenhouse gas emissions….

As you explore the Living Smart with Food module, you will learn more about your local food systems and how you can support them, think more about the choices you make everyday, become a food producer yourself and embrace new healthy and tasty options to your current eating repertoire.

Activity Centre

Challenge yourself to keep a food diary for three days (not every ingredient needs to be recorded!)
In the Activity Centre you can setup a Living Smart profile and access calculators,
challenges, tools and games.

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