Living Smart


Living Smart with Energy

Get smarter with energy in your home by measuring your electricity use and choose more efficient products. By making small changes in your home as to how you use energy, you can cut the amount of electricity used and reduce costs.

Take the challenge to reduce energy in your home. Do this by progressing through the module and see what savings you can find.

Easy actions you can take:

  • Switching off unused lights and appliances
  • Choosing energy efficient products
  • Purchasing Greenpower
  • Installing solar panels

What are you waiting for? Start now and work your way through the Energy Activity Centre and become a Living Smart with Energy household.

Activity Centre

The average home in the greater Brisbane area uses around 8000 kWh of power a year.
Find out how much greenhouse gas emissions and money this adds up to with this
Easy Energy Converter.
In the Activity Centre you can setup a Living Smart profile and access calculators,
challenges, tools and games.

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