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The Sunshine Coast is one of the most biologically diverse areas in Australia. This is because of its wide variety of habitats, ranging from mangroves and wetlands to dry eucalypt forests, rainforests and coastal heath. Within this regions boundaries, over 1600 individual plant and fungi species have been recorded, several of which are found nowhere else in the world. This diversity of the Coast's vegetation provides a range of ecological niches for feeding, sheltering, breeding and resting opportunities for our local native animals.

When selecting plants for your backyard garden or revegetation project it is recommended to choose local native plant species that are suited to your location, topography, soil type, and climate. Local native plants have a better chance of establishing quickly, becoming strong and healthy and providing habitat for our native animals.

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The number of native plants in an area can provide a measure biodiversity. Use this activity to record how you are providing native habitat and food for wildlife at your place.
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