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Living Smart with Biodiversity

Creating a backyard wildlife habitat can be low maintenance but rich in diversity and beauty. It doesn't matter what type of garden you have; a courtyard, balcony, roof top, small or large backyard, we can all contribute to the survival and wellbeing of our local native wildlife species by providing suitable places (habitat) and resources for them to feed, shelter and nest safely.

While just one garden can make a difference, many wildlife friendly gardens together can form important linkages through and across backyards to create safe corridors and stepping stones to nearby landscapes for wildlife to live and move safely.

The Living Smart Biodiversity resources guide your household to explore the value of our unique flora and fauna species and the intricate connections between individual plants, animals, fungi, air, soil and water and the ecosystems they form a part of.

Get inspired with this 3 minute Living Smart Biodiversity clip all about Living Smart members in Spoonbill Street!

This module challenges your household to learn how you and your neighbours can begin recreating and protecting important wildlife habitat right in your own backyard today by providing resources for foraging, roosting, nesting and water supply for native wildlife species such as:

•    Erecting a nest box for native birds, gliders or possums
•    Building a frog pond
•    Planting native plant species to either directly or indirectly provide a food source for native wildlife species
•    Learning  to live with existing native wildlife
•    Practicing responsible pet ownership.

Outcomes for your household might include:
•    Increased numbers of  backyard wildlife (e.g.birds, butterflies etc)
•    Lower garden maintenance
•    Reduction in water usage/energy usage
•    Increased sense of environmental connection and wellbeing

Navigate your way through the Biodiversity space for practical information and complete the corresponding activities to complete the Living Smart Biodiversity module and become a Backyard Biodiversity Smart household!

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