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At Living Smart every person in every household has the ability to make simple, effective and lasting changes towards sustainable living.

To guide you through these changes, Living Smart provides comprehensive, relevant information and resources in a user friendly format.

The Living Smart Program: Homes, Solutions and Awards is a partnership of the Sunshine Coast Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Frequently Asked Questions and General Info

Can you access the Program without the internet?

Participants of Living Smart will be encouraged to undertake the modules over the internet however for those who do not have access, the modules can be completed in hardcopy format. You will need to contact the administrator if you need a hardcopy format of the modules.
  • Correspondence

    Program participants will receive notification of upcoming events and program news via a regular e-newsletter and occasional e-mails. Participants will have the option to opt out of newsletters and program updates if desired.
  • Feedback

    Program participants will be asked, from time to time, to voluntarily complete a qualitative and quantitative survey, which will assist in assessing the success and challenges of the Program. On occasion, permission will be sought to post case studies about participant's experiences on the site.

    If you have feedback for the Living Smart team, email us anytime with comments and ideas.
  • How do you complete the learning modules?

    There are eight learning modules as part of the Living Smart Homes Program: Energy, Water, Waste, Transport, Food, Wellbeing, Biodiversity and Neighbourhoods. Modules are based on mandatory and optional activities.

    To complete modules and earn the relevant rewards householders will have to demonstrate learning and awareness around sustainability issues and take action within their homes to live more sustainably. Once each module's activities are completed, the registered user will then have completed the module. As each module is completed householders will receive a leaf or gumnut for your Living Smart sign.
  • How do you obtain your Living Smart sign for your letterbox or gate?

    Once you have registered, if you have chosen to display a sign, the administrators of the program will post it to you with your welcome pack. It is encouraged that you display it somewhere that passers by will be made aware that your household is part of the Living Smart Homes Program.
  • How long do have to complete the Program?

    There is no time limit to complete each of the modules. You will have the ability to save progress though the modules and complete them at a later stage. However, if after 6 months there is no activity by the registered user, the Program administer will make contact with you to confirm if you wish to remain active in the Program.
  • Joining the Living Smart Program

    At the point of program registration, participants will have the option to receive a sign for display on your gate, front door or post box. Upon completion of each module you will be sent the associated leaf or gum nut for your sign. For example, upon completion of the Water module, you will receive the water leaf for insertion into your sign.
  • Privacy Statement

    Moreton Bay Regional Council and Sunshine Coast Council are collecting your personal information for the purpose of registering you as a Living Smart Homes participant and recording your progress in the program. The collection of this information is authorised under the Local Government Act. Some of the information may be given to council staff for the purpose of confirming registration details, reporting on program outcomes and corresponding with you about the Living Smart program. Your information will not be given to any other person or agency unless you have given us permission or we are required by law.