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Award Sponsored: Unitywater’s Creekside Greening Award

Unitywater CEO George Theo said Unity Water is proud to sponsor the new Creekside Greening Award as part of the 2013 Glossies. As the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay regions’ provider of water supply and sewerage services, we recognise the important part we play in caring for our ocean, rivers and creeks. Maintaining their ecological health is possible only through the combined efforts of the community and sustainable water supply and sewerage treatment practices. The mark of a healthy river or creek is its native riparian vegetation which is why Unitywater actively works with community groups through our Creekside Greening program to benefit waterway health. Through this award,  Unitywater will acknowledge the great work and the important contribution our communities make in keeping our waterways healthy for future generations.
  • University of the Sunshine Coast

    Award Sponsored: Hall of Fame

    The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) is one of Australia’s youngest and fastest growing universities. From its establishment in 1996, (USC) made a commitment that sustainability – in the broader sense of that word – was to be a key theme of the institution. This manifested itself in the transformation of what was 100 hectares of disused cane fields and paddocks to an award winning campus – in terms of environmental protection and enhancement and in the built environment.

    It sees, however, that sustainability is far more than the physical environment and has world class research in forestry, fisheries and social and human dimensions of change.

    USC is proud to be associated as a sponsor of these awards again in 2013 and celebrates the wider community’s interest in these now critical issues.
  • Auzion

    Award Sponsored: Excellence in Sustainable Design

    ASS are committed to develop, implement, and maintain strategic sustainable solutions that deliver significant financial and environmental benefits to our clients and community.

    ASS is an Innovative Clean Technology organisation based at the Innovation Centre on the Sunshine Coast. With expertise in:
    1. The development of energy management tools to help tackle peak demand, 
    2. The Implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions
    3. The delivery of clean technology consultancy, energy and energy auditing.
    With a number of spearheading projects in the residential, commercial and industrial space including solar pv, battery integration, energy efficient hot water and energy management solutions ASS are able to demonstrate the importance of key sustainable projects now and in the future.

    Expertise in technology innovation and R & D has driven ASS to develop and commercialise the Auzimax Energy Monitoring System (EMS) over the past five years.

    The Auzimax is a residential and commercial EMS that can monitor, measure and manage power, water and gas in a building.

    There are live minute by minute data streams being displayed through a remote access dashboard display or smart phone/tablet application for concise analysis.

    Energy budgets can be set up to create SMS or email alerts when budgets are exceeded to help manage power in-house and be proactive in energy saving strategies.

    With the ability to remotely shut down circuits during peak demand periods has given ASS the ability to develop a solid demand side management platform. This can be integrated with onsite solar generation to ensure the systems are performing to optimum.

    All of these features can be recorded and reported through the back office functions to create a smart energy system for all levels of user requirements.
  • Sunshine Coast Daily

    Award Sponsored: Sustainable Business Award

  • Cleantech

    Award Sponsored: Living Smart Solutions project

    Cleantech Industries SunshineCoast (CISC) was founded to assist the development of the cleantech sector on the Sunshine Coast, positioning the industry as a priority in diversifying the economic base of the Sunshine Coast and contributing to growing jobs across the region.  Member businesses collaborate regularly, sourcing projects and business opportunities that would otherwise have been difficult to obtain as individual entities.  Major objectives of the group include assisting its members develop business opportunities, building the capability and capacity of the industry in the region and promoting the Sunshine Coast as a “cleantech hot spot”.
    CISC is proud to be associated with the Glossie Awards through the recognition and encouragement of individuals, businesses and community groups involved in sustainable industries on the Sunshine Coast and wish all the entrants good luck.

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