Living Smart

The 2013 Winners Circle



The Glossies Awards are regarded as the Sunshine Coast’s highest sustainability accolades, recognising business and individual contributions and achievements in sustainable building design, land use and sustainable transport, resource management.

Winning a Glossy Award means different things to different people. A business may embrace the publicity and promotion, a community group can use the honour to build membership and corporate contribution, while an individual may enjoy simply being recognised for their hard work and sharing their knowledge with others.

All winners of a Glossy Award will receive the following:
  • Winners will be announced at the 2013 Living Smart ‘Glossies’ Awards ceremony.
  • Award winners will each receive the coveted ‘Glossies feather’ trophy; crafted by local Sunshine Coast artist Kim Guthrie.
  • The ‘Glossies Awards Winner 2013’ or ‘Glossies Awards Finalist 2013’ seal for use on publicity material, letterheads, websites, stickers, emails and more. This seal is valid to be used by the recipient for a period of up to two years.



Other benefits which winners and finalists can embrace include:
  • Media releases promoting the outstanding achievements of the award finalists.
  • Opportunity to meet and chat with environmental advocates and inspirational guest speakers.
  • Participation in workshops to share knowledge and assist others to live smart sustainably.
  • Entry into a “Glossies Winners’ Club” with VIP seating at the following year’s awards ceremony, including discounted tickets for the following years event.