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Unitywater ‘Creekside Greening’ Award

This award seeks to recognise the work of community groups on the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay region which improves the environmental health of one or more of the regions’ waterways. Unitywater will award $2000 to the winning group to be used in a similar project.

Who should enter

Not-for-profit community groups or organisations that have in the past 12 months completed a project, or stage of a project, that repairs or contributes to the health of local waterway/s.


  • Describe the project, whether it is a discrete project or one stage of a larger project, and how it contributes to the environmental health of the waterway.
  • Describe the condition of the waterway before your project began, the threat/s to its environmental health that your project sought to address, the steps undertaken to address the threat/s, and the outcomes of the project. Use photos and diagrams as appropriate. Please include approximate dimensions of project site in metres (m) or hectares (ha). If the project is one stage of a larger project, briefly describe the larger project in terms of objectives, plans, and timeframe.
  • Describe the ecological benefits of your project in terms of species removed and/or planted and the reasons for selecting them, linking with wildlife corridors, protection of vulnerable species, prevention of erosion, etc.
  • Describe how the community is benefiting or will benefit from your project, for example in terms of amenity, public education and/or community wellbeing.
  • Describe how you measure the benefits of your project, e.g. monitoring species or water quality.
  • Describe how you ensure achievements of the project are maintained into the future.
  • Describe how, if you won this year’s Creekside Greening award, you would budget the award funds. Note: the winner will have 12 months in which spend the prize money and then will provide Unitywater with a project record detailing expenditure and receipts.

Download Template

Please click on the link below to download the nomination template for this award. Once you have filled in the template. Please click on the Nominate button below where you will fill in your contact details and upload the template.

Ensure you include and appendixes and images within the nomination template and save the document.

2013 Unity Water Creekside Greening Criteria


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