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The 2013 Winners Circle


Affordable Living Award

Who Should Enter

This award is open to Architects, Designers, Organisations, Individuals, Owners and other Building Professionals that have delivered a new build, refurbishment or redevelopment of a residential project since 2008, that integrates and embraces the principles of Affordable Living detailed in the category criteria below.

Affordable Living is more than the financial cost of living. Affordable living incorporates the way in which we live, the size and type of housing we choose, the resources we use and how we move around.  It reflects our relationship with the environment and the way in which neighbourhoods evolve and function, and it relies on a strong local economy.


  1. Describe how the project contributes to housing choice and diversity in the locality relevant to the community’s diverse need.

    Projects may include e.g. housing suitable for small households, students, low-moderate income households, older people or disabled. Projects may provide low maintenance and universally designed housing catering for people's different life cycle needs, or provide alternative forms and models of living.
  2. Describe how the project reduces car dependency and facilitates convenient access to essential services, facilities and recreational opportunities.
  3. Describe how the project contributes to a sustainable and affordable living experience for the occupant over the long term through:
    1. Passive solar design (circulation and ventilation);
    2. Water and energy efficiency, renewable technology and low maintenance requirements (including painting exteriors, etc);
    3. Number of bedrooms, Gross Floor Area and purchase cost or rent (essential information); and
    4. By utilising materials that consider the wellbeing of the users, ie AO products, Low/Zero VOC paints.
  4. Describe how the dwelling design contributes to neighbourhood character and identity and facilitates a safe, healthy and connected neighbourhood.
  5. Describe how the project maximises usability, functionality and flexibility of space to the user.

Download Template

Please click on the link below to download the nomination template for this award. Once you have filled in the template. Please click on the Nominate button below where you will fill in your contact details and upload the template.

Ensure you include and appendixes and images within the nomination template and save the document.


2013 Affordable Living Award Nomination Template


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