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At Living Smart every person in every household has the ability to make simple, effective and lasting changes towards sustainable living.

To guide you through these changes, Living Smart provides comprehensive, relevant information and resources in a user friendly format.

The Living Smart Program: Homes, Solutions and Awards is a partnership of the Sunshine Coast Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council.

About the Living Smart Program

Living Smart is a partnership program between the local governments of the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay and our local communities to bring about practical improvements in the sustainability of our regions. The program has three main elements: Living Smart HomesLiving Smart Solutions and the Living Smart Awards, on the Sunshine Coast the Awards are more affectionately known as ‘The Glossies’.

The program aims to engage with you and the rest of our community to achieve the goal of sustainability. Our pledge is to work with you to help you to reduce environmental impacts and improve wellbeing across all aspects of your lifestyle.

At Living Smart we believe every person in every household has the ability to make simple, effective and lasting changes towards sustainable living. These changes are supported through relevant, dynamic and credible information provided in a user-friendly format allowing the education and empowerment of ourselves, our family, our neighbours and our community.

Living Smart Homes has more than 2000 households (and growing) that participate in an online learning program to reduce their energy, water, waste and transport; and learn more about sustainable food, wellbeing, biodiversity and neighbourhoods. Register today, it's FREE!

Living Smart Solutions is a database of local environmentally friendly products and services.

If you are an eco product or service provider that is committed to providing Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay residents with sustainability solutions, log on to establish your business profile and be an active member of our Living Smart Solutions directory.  Look out for opportunities to participate at a Living Smart Expo!

The history of the Living Smart Program

"In 2004 the former Noosa Council developed the Living Smart program to promote sustainable living and building practices within the residential sector of the Noosa Community. The program was designed to assist the Council in mobilising community efforts to embrace sustainable behaviours and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program utilised an online database of sustainable products and services to assist the community to make informed and environmentally sensitive choices when building or renovating a home, and in their day to day lifestyles. Another component of the program was the creation of the Glossies Awards, an annual awards event, which showcased and recognised excellence in sustainable building design in both the residential and commercial sector.

The Living Smart program was the winner of the Sunshine Coast Environment Council 2005 Environmental Education Award and winner of the Environs Australia Local Sustainability Leadership Award 2006. More recently Living Smart won the Government category at the SCEC 2012 Froggie Awards.

As time passed, it was recognised that more innovative and engaging approaches were needed to increase the level of participation of the wider community in sustainability behaviours at the householder level. In late 2006, Noosa and Caboolture Shire Councils, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency, South East Queensland Catchments and Queensland University of Technology, extended the program by developing a third component of the Living Smart program called Living Smart Homes. Living Smart Homes is a community capacity building and awareness-raising program aimed at facilitating the uptake of sustainable living practices within the residential sector.

Participating households receive a sign, which they are encouraged to display on their gate or front door indicating their participation in the program.  The aim of the sign is to give recognition for commitment to sustainable living and to encourage uptake of new behaviours in the community.  Through this initiative Living Smart Homes participants become sustainability champions in their local communities. At the commencement of the program, participating households were challenged to complete sustainability activities across four program modules of energy, water, waste and transport.  As each participating household completed a module they received a new component to add to their sign (a Living Smart leaf).  By completing modules and adding new leaves, households were able to lead the way in sustainable behaviour changes in their local communities.   The collective achievements of the participants in the program are also be collated and reported so that everyone can see how their changes have contributed to larger community achievements.

In 2008, Noosa Council became part of the Sunshine Coast Council and Caboolture Council became part of the Moreton Bay Council.  Both of the new larger Councils have embraced the Living Smart Program and are working together to facilitate the regionalisation of the program across the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay areas.

The new regionalised Living Smart Program was re-branded in 2011 and now encompasses Living Smart Homes, Living Smart Solutions (a database of environmental products and services), and Living Smart Awards. The new program now has 8 household learning modules and encourages teamwork between households at the neighbourhood scale."